About Medilinen

  1. Disposable linen use supports one journey, one patient infection control guidelines

  2. Flame retardant & anti-microbial treated material ensures peace of mind for both patient and HCPs

  3. Single use linen offers optimum barrier protection, consistent quality and dependability

  4. MediLinen has proven patient preference over traditional products

  5. Fast & easy fit sheets save time for rapid response activity

  6. Compact space saving packs for easy storage away from soiled items and waste

  7. MediLinen’s individual packaging ensures linen is maintained in a dust free environment until use

  8. Reduces significant laundry costs associated with traditional linen

  9. Eliminates linen shortages for fast vehicle turnaround

  10. MediLinen sizes range from Infant to Bariatric & includes quilt with covers, stretcher sheets, fleece blankets, privacy sheets and pillow case